Course Reflection

I have enjoyed my experience in CT101 tremendously. If I wasn’t so pressed to graduate soon, I would have been completely sold on making this my minor.  It made me proud to create a site and call it my own. Personally, I have been putting it off for so long so being in this class really jumpstarted me in the right direction.

Learning new and innovative ways to express yourself on a web interface is beneficial in any field and it adds to your credentials. It is fun working with different software and finding out the immense capabilities of the tools that we have right at our fingertips. In general, it just doesn’t feel like forced work but rather a leisure activity that you also can  use productively.

I have learned a lot of useful material that I can take with me and apply to my work in Journalism. Most importantly, I appreciate Professor Ryan for being such a helpful yet easygoing  instructor that welcomed and promoted creative freedom to his students. I would definitely recommend him and this course.

Vapor Wave

I used this image I took of a mural I saw in Puerto Rico to create this vapor wave. I did it on my iPhone using the apps Professor Michael suggested, Ultrapop and ImgPlayPro. I was very surprised at how easy it was. The only challenge I came across was having to use multiple variations of the image to create the animation. It was kind of a slap on the forehead kind of moment because that should have been pretty obvious but hindsight is 20/20.

Response to the Presidential Election


This was a classic response from Joe Biden during Barack Obama’s speech the day after the presidential elections. Ironically the mood was so gloomy this day and the weather certainly reflected that. I classify myself as an independent and this was only the second election that I have legally been able to vote in. For me, I was not too thrilled with the options this time around so I was a bit indifferent to the outcome of  this race.

Bridge and Clouds


This is a gif image that I created using a combination of photoshop, quicktime, and the “” site. It took me a while to edit this but with the help of Professor Ryan I was able to accomplish it. It was tedious trying to get rid of the excess background color of the top layer image and as you can see there was only so much that I was able to eliminate from in between the wires of the bridge since they are nearly microscopic. However, against the background layer it is such an eyesore for me and it annoyingly looks like a spider web. Still it is all apart of trial and error and I was excited to eventually complete it.


Pop Star Out of Place


This assignment proved to be a little challenging at first, but eventually I got the hang of it after replaying the tutorial over and over again. In retrospect, I would have liked to be able to match the lighting better to make it look a little less obvious that Katy Perry doesn’t belong on the runway with the models but on the other hand it adds to the element of manifest.

Response to video “A Domain of One’s Own”

In the presentation, A Domain of One’s Own, Audrey Watters touches base on a lot of interesting points about owning your own content on the web. To support the importance of this she uses a lot of examples and particularly focuses on the Google platform to support her ideas. One of the things that stood out to me was her description of what it means to own your own. A few the things she highlighted were innovation, control of ones digital identity, and the continuous gain of web-based literacy. I agree that these things are imperative in todays world not only for the obvious reason that we are living in a technology-based world but because in order to prosper in it, these are necessary advantages to have. I have finally created a domain of my own and I must say that it is a great feeling not to just be apart of someone else’s data culmination but to actually have your own creation out there.

Hello world!

This is my first post on a domain of my own. I always wondered what a website of my own would mean, what it would look like, and what I would be contributing to the world of cyberspace. Now I have figured out that apart from that, one of the hardest decisions would be deciding on a domain name. When I think about permanence its a scary thought especially in terms of the internet because it adds to the pressure of wanting to put out a perfect representation of yourself into the world. I am learning as I go and still working out the kinks. Nevertheless, I am excited, inspired, motivated and ready to start blogging!