Here are a few looks, past an present, that show my personal evolution. I love playing around with natural lighting and shadows and then slightly manipulating it with different apps and filters that are available in the social network platforms and other photo editing apps. I was in a yearbook committee in high school where I learned all about angles, focus, and subject positioning. It was really eye opening seeing all the different ways that you can capture an image by changing your technique.

I love this snapchat filter where golden butterflies and pixie dust crown your head. It is so whimsical and pleasant. Not to mention we know that these filters are eye capturing because they have features that smoothen skin, brighten your eyes, and decrease the appearance of any other imperfections. Its not considered misleading because the snapchat community are aware of these minor alterations and it as all in good fun and entertainment.

I love shadows and focusing. Darkening the corners creates an implied spotlight on my selfie that I think adds a little extra flare.


Here is a black and white image. To me, this is a classic way to add depth to any given picture. It allows texture to become more present since the eye is not being distracted  by color.

A slight aerial view as I was walking to class. It was a sunny, fall day and the sunlight was behind me but it worked in my favor giving me a natural glow without having to alter the lighting.

Here is an example of the wonders of timing, position, and nature. I was on the LIRR train on my way to work a few years ago. I was facing the window and it was raining so it gave off this interesting effect that allows me to see how I would look with freckles. Pretty neat.

I was so excited about this timer app that allows you to take photos from a distance by yourself. It came out like a professional picture by simply using the correct positioning and lighting.