Smartphone Journalism IN LIGHT OF CAMPUS CHANGES, YORK STUDENT SAYS STUDENTS AND FACULTY ARE EQUALLY HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE NEED TO FURTHER IMPROVE CAMPUS CONDITIONS Photo and Story By: Taylor Jacobs With #finalsweek right around the corner students were recently surprised with the unexpected appearance of new fixtures spread around the second-floor court area, and the consensus seems to be that though this offers more convenience for everyone, the extra seating and plugs is long overdue. Chaz Woods, 22, junior, elementary school tutor, Aviation management major who resides in Richmond Hills says “if you forget the adapter to your charger, you can use the USB ports on the outlets. It is a nice touch [but] this is the first time I’ve seen changes in the four years I have been here.” Chaz says that students should be privileged with comfortable couches and other nice things to motivate them to want to be around campus. “Those chairs” he says as he points at the cushioned leather seats along the windows near the main entrance by the statue, “use to be okay in the beginning but now they are not comfortable at all and they remind me of airport chairs.” Chaz also argues that though a lot of administrative changes need to be made, something can also be said about each student’s responsibility to maintain these school amenities. “There should definitely be a balance,” he says. #yorkjournalism #yorkcollege #students #campuslife #endofsemester

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