Digital Photojournalism: GRADE SCHOOL TEACHER ADVOCATES FOR EDUCATION REFORM By: Taylor Jacobs Nikeeta Yadali is a York College Alumni class of may 2015. Her discipline was early childhood education and she is now an elementary school teacher. She speaks on the topic of education reform, a scarcely touched topic in the Trump administration so far. Nakeeta shares how attached she becomes to each student every school year and how seriously she takes her responsibility as an educator. Being well versed on the capabilities of her students she criticizes some of the core requirements. "One of my major concerns is the kids…our future," she says "and since his term has started he has yet to address the common core issues or implement any new policies. During his run he made a lot of promises that he did not hold up to and it seems that is was just a scheme to get elected. I don't think it's a good idea to teach kids harder subjects at an earlier age. How are they supposed to prosper?" #yorkjournalism #trumpfirst100days #educationsystem

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