Smartphone Journalism RISING WATER LEVELS IN SOUTH JAMAICA QUEENS COULD LEAD TO POTENTIAL FLOODING RISKS By: Taylor Jacobs Water expert, Dr. Ratan Dhar visited the York campus to discuss the increasing risk of chronic flooding in Jamaica, Queens. Dr. Dhar breaks down floods into three different categories: River floods being the most common, urban floods that are considered self imposed floods, and costal floods that have a high sea tidal charge. What poses a threat to the Jamaica area is the first two however. One of the main things he says contributes to these floods is a rise in groundwater levels. What causes these rises are "factors such as poor maintenance of piping and sewages which creates a bad source of water movement. Also, global warming which leads to extreme weather conditions including heavy rainfalls all contribute to the floods," Dr. Dhar says. Besides the cosmetic damages that are associated with floods, Dr. Dhar says "metals are highly concentrated in flood water and can often be contaminated" leading to more severe results for citizens exposed to it. Dr Dhar says, "I am currently working with the DEPARTMENT of Environmental Protection and former deputy commissioner to come up with a plan to reduce the flooding issue in the area." Dhar also notes that is important for residents to stay informed and knowledgeable on the issue in order to do their part to ensure preparedness for this circumstance. #yorkjournalism #southeastqueens #frequentflooding #cellphonejournalism

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