Smartphone Journalism BlIZZARD VERSUS SPRING By Taylor Jacobs Photo By Taylor Jacobs Ludny Jean-Alcime a sophomore with a major in Political Science and a minor in Prelaw from East Flatbush weighs in on tuesday's blizzard. The snow that called for a state of emergency a little less than a week ago is now melting as sun is shining on this first day of spring. Ludny says, "This weather is bipolar but I'm not surprised given the pattern of the weather within the last few years. I remember one summer in 2013 I walked outside and it was so cold. This winter I've suffered three colds that were very severe because of the up and down temperatures. One day it will be perfectly fine and then it drastically changes so it's hard to know what to wear." For the last few years now since the notorious hurricane, Sandy swept through with a vengeance, New Yorkers have been experiencing some pretty odd weather patterns that are far from the predictable, blistering cold winters and the scorching hot summers the city is used to. "The weather is so unpredictable that you have to ask whether you can even rely on the weather channels anymore because even they're not always accurate. Your best bet is to go outside and check yourself. I have multiple obligations between school, work, my internship, and church so I'm really expected to be available and the weather threatens that sometimes. I think Mayor de Blasio makes decisions to shut things down too soon. If all modes of transportation are shut down how are people supposed to get where they need to go. I understand it's out of precaution but maybe the way weather is gaged should be improved a little. The previous snow day we had was not as bad as projected so it could have resumed as a normal business day. I am really just concerned with why this is happening. This all just goes to show that Global warming is really in effect. Everyone jokes that the weather is due to Trump being in office but it is time to stop entertaining the jokes and find out the real cause behind these things," Ludny adds. #yorkjournalism #blizzard2017 #firstdayofspring #cellphonejournalism

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