Smartphone Journalism SENIOR HOPEFUL THAT YORK WILL CONTINUE TO BE IMPROVED FOR FUTURE STUDENTS Photo and Story By: Taylor Jacobs There have been some new additions to the second-floor court of York’s Campus which include metal tables and chairs along with extra seating areas positioned on the base of the single stairwell that spirals up toward the third floor. Accompanied with these seats are additional outlets near the foot of them. Priscilla Tenkorang, a Health Science Major from Bronx, NY says “I feel really good about these additions. It should have been happened. I have been attending York since 2011. It is funny because I recently had a meeting with president Keizs. I told her it was a really good school but some things could still be better. Though I’m graduating this semester, I hope that things could improve. Little problems can be better. I visited John Jay and the way that it is set up is better and more seating is available. So, when I saw this I was so happy.” #yorkcollege #endofsemester #graduate #campuslife

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