Smartphone Journalism NEW ADDITIONS TO YORK TRIGGERS A LARGER DISCUSSION ON CAMPUS ISSUES Photo and Story by: Taylor Jacobs When asked about thoughts on the new seats and outlets in the open court of the second floor Preen Kur, 21, a social work major and Upper Junior from Richmond Hills says passively, “this is a good thing, now more people can sit." After taking a quick intermission to snap a selfie with a friend who accompanied her at one of the new tables, Preen continues, “This is my first time sitting here and I happened to come over just to lounge in between classes.” Preen has attended York for four years and despite the recent efforts made she still expresses criticism for the operations and maintenance of the school over the course of her time here. “There needs to be proper changes made. The people who run for student government, I do not see what they are responsible for because I see no difference. It is like they just want something to add to their resume. I feel that if you are going to run for an important position, you need to make specific changes,” Preen says. According to Preen, York has a bad reputation compared to other CUNY campuses and among students she knows who attend the other sister institutions. “Other schools are (set up) a lot nicer and here looks like a prison,” she says. Preen adds that if it were up to her, one of the improvements she would make a priority is the food offered on campus. “The food is way too overpriced and there aren’t enough options. The healthier choices are more expensive when it should be the opposite in order to promote better eating habits for students. It would also be nice to have an official Starbucks because I do not think this one is affiliated with the actual chain. I have a lot of gift cards and I am not able to use them,” she says comically, in closing. #yorkjournalism #endofsemester #campuslife #campuscafe #students

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