Smartphone Journalism YORK SENIOR SAYS THAT NEW SEATING IS A GOOD START FOR MANY MORE IMPROVEMENTS TO COME Story and Photo by: Taylor Jacobs This past semester has brought about many changes on the York Campus from the closing of the bookstore, the added seating areas, and most recently the remodeled entrance near the faculty dining room. All of these changes have received mixed feelings from the student body. “This is very convenient,” says Adria Evans, a senior and political science major who resides in Rosedale. It has been two years since Adria has transferred to York from BMCC and as far as she is concerned this effort is “a nice start and a positive gesture but there is a lot more that needs to be done,” she says. A couple of the concerns that Adria emphasizes is the escalators that never seem to be operating and the school bookstore closing. “Let’s just say I am glad to be graduating this semester because I cannot imagine a semester without the bookstore, it is going to be mayhem. This all just makes me wonder, what all of our fees are going toward,” Adria says. “Take this time seriously. It is important that you start to pitch in more,” Adria says in an address to continuing and upcoming students encouraging them to contribute and make their voices heard. #yorkjournalism #yorkcollege #graduate #students #studentlife #collegelife

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