Video and Story By Taylor Jacobs

On 70th and Northern Boulevard, Assemblyman Michael DenDekker and Senator Peralta spoke with PIX 11 cameras and other press about plans to walk the area with other specialists to examine exactly what needs to be done and ultimately making alterations to the traffic lights.

This has come about not long after the tragic death of a young boy who was simply crossing the street with his mother when a car struck them both, even though they had the light, then fleeing the scene immediately after. This is only one of multiple deaths that have occurred like this at the very same location and the victims were all children.

This is an ongoing issue that has remained without resolution for over five years according to the Assemblyman, Senator, and residents in the area alike. They are hoping that this can get enough attention to get federal funding to rectify this situation and moreover prevent any further tragedies of this nature from occurring.

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