I have enjoyed my experience in CT101 tremendously. If I wasn’t so pressed to graduate soon, I would have been completely sold on making this my minor.  It made me proud to create a site and call it my own. Personally, I have been putting it off for so long so being in this class really jumpstarted me in the right direction.

Learning new and innovative ways to express yourself on a web interface is beneficial in any field and it adds to your credentials. It is fun working with different software and finding out the immense capabilities of the tools that we have right at our fingertips. In general, it just doesn’t feel like forced work but rather a leisure activity that you also can  use productively.

I have learned a lot of useful material that I can take with me and apply to my work in Journalism. Most importantly, I appreciate Professor Ryan for being such a helpful yet easygoing  instructor that welcomed and promoted creative freedom to his students. I would definitely recommend him and this course.

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